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Hexacube Æitómós Structure.

Hey there, I’m Kevin C. Lambert.  You’ve stumbled upon my online collection of original creative works.  My music, creative writing, and interests are the main focus of this blog although world events such as charities, activism and other forms of world news are very much a part of what’s going on here.  Anyway, be free, be you and I hope you enjoy your stay.  Don’t forget to follow me if you like what you’ve been digesting.

As a writer, I encourage you to visit the Creative Writing’s category for original works not found anywhere else.

Most content can be found in Posts.  If you are looking for something in particular, there is a search bar and a categories drop-down box to aid you in finding what you are looking for.  You can also search the archives from the ‘Posts‘ page as well.

Gallery and Original Music are pages that were created for one-click access to the regarded content.

The Current Wave page is a collection of articles that are relevant to major happenings from all around the world as we move forward adapting to our ever changing state of being.

Devotion, RSS is a feed I found that has a daily devotion for you to read if your into that kind of stuff.  Please click on the title of each devotion if you would like the read the whole thing as the page only shows an excerpt.

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